Enactus is a global non-profit and a community of students who are dedicated to making the world a better place. We use the power of social enterprise to create community development projects that transform lives. 

Enactus is present in 36 countries, with 1,710 university programs. Enactus Bristol is the Enactus program at the University of Bristol. We are a student union affiliated society and our members are university students. 



Bristol has been voted a social enterprise capital and a European Green Capital. We are proud to include Bristol's social and sustainable vibes within our society. All of our projects are socially and environmentally sustainable.

On top of this, Bristol is a city of change. Our projects aim to create systemic change through the innovations we use and within the communities that we work. 

University Students

We're all students at the University of Bristol, undertaking all sorts of disciplines at every different level. We are all volunteers and each dedicate more than 7 hours minimum a week to our projects. 


Enactus is supported by more than 550 corporate, organisational and individual partners worldwide, including Unilever and KPMG. 

On top of this, Enactus Bristol is supported by university academics and local businesses.