Vestability are providing the skill of creating sustainable buoyancy vests to coastal fishing communities in Madagascar. There is a high death rate of fishermen in Madagascar, due to a lack of safety equipment. Vestability have returned from a 5 week trip to Madagascar, where they ran workshops with fishermen and their families, teaching them how to make buoyancy vests out of 2 waste materials: plastic bottles and rice sacks. 




Elevate provides vulnerable people in Bristol with the skills, experience and support they need to gain long-term meaningful employment. They work with their beneficiaries to design, produce and sell environmentally friendly candles, which in turn provides practical work experience and employability skills. 100% of Elevate's profits are reinvested into the project.  

Khanda Khanda


Khanda khanda was born from the lack of employment opportunities available to ex-trafficked women. While we noticed an apparent deficit of women in the tourism industry, previous victims of trafficking from the NGO SASANE, Nepal, were desperate for jobs in search of their own independence.

Our aim as Khanda Khanda is to help women from SASANE use their already prevalent aspirations and passion for trekking and help them hone the necessary skills in order to make them independent figures in society.


Honest Bowl


The Honest Bowl’s mission is to provide wholesome, healthy food, whilst empowering the most vulnerable members of our society. 

The Honest Bowl was launched in September 2015 and is in its early stages of development. The enterprise will sell healthy and nutritious foods to the Bristol public. From September 2016, we will sell at the University of Bristol Farmers Market on Tyndalls Avenue as well as at local events. By September 2017, we plan to have increased the number of locations from which we sell.

Our products will be prepared by individuals from Julian House. This will enable them to gain valuable work experience and build their soft skills. We will also work 1:1 with our beneficiaries in order to identify further training opportunities and qualifications they can work towards which are well suited to their interests, strengths and ambitions. All the money we raise will be reinvested into helping fund this.

In the long term, we hope to grow both the business and the skills of the beneficiaries with a view to handing over the running of the enterprise to them.




Rinsed is a new project this year working with the local community here in Bristol. We are partnered with a charity that supports survivors of modern day slavery and trafficking. Through our cleaning company Rinsed we will work closely with our partner charity to employ and empower our beneficiaries. We will provide part- time employment as cleaners to our beneficiaries, greatly increasing their financial stability. Additionally we will have a focus on our employees social development by running sessions centred around financial planning and financial independence.

Rinsed is a unique cleaning company in its target market - students. As the only cleaning company in Bristol directly aimed at students we hope to develop and grow our company and reach out to ever more people.