Do you want to join Enactus Bristol? 


Leaders and Change Makers

At Enactus, you can put your talent and creativity towards designing and running community projects. Our work transforms the lives of those we work with and, in turn, the lives of our students.  

Our community projects are designed and run by our students. Our students are talented, hard working and passionate. At  Enactus Bristol, our students develop teamwork, leadership and communication skills, developing them into effective, value-driven leaders. 


Developing Skills and Careers

We are guided throughout the year by business advisors, university staff and Enactus Alumni, some of the best minds in business, research and social impact.  

We are supported by some of the best companies in the world. We provide our students chances to network with executives and recruiters from these companies at competitions, career fairs and other interactive events. On top of this, we offer exclusive access to career resources to help our students prepare for the world of work. 

 Vestability in Madagascar

Vestability in Madagascar

 The presentation team at Enactus National Competition

The presentation team at Enactus National Competition

By being part of Enactus Bristol you:

  • Make a meaningful difference in communities.
  • Change the lives of those in need as well as your own, contributing towards the creating of a better world.
  • Gain real world experience by facing challenges and developing solutions that achieve real results.  
  • Gain the experience, skills and contacts necessary to build a successful career. 
  • Join a worldwide network of more than 70,500 other students. 
  • Represent your university. 
  • Develop friendships that will last a lifetime. 


How to Join

Click on the apply button below, see which role you'd like and fill in the application form. Applications close on 10/02/2018.